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Crime Fiction and Fiction

Leye is the winner of the first ever Prix Marianne in 2016, and is a Nigerian writer living andworking in London. His short story, The Assassination, in the anthology, Sunshine Noir, was afinalist for the 2017 CWA Short Story Dagger award. Had he won, a Nigerian would havebeen rewarded for crime. Leye has written several short stories under his own name, andover a hundred satirical pieces under various other appropriated names.His writing has appeared in publications such as the Big Issue, and he has written andrecorded pieces for BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service. Leye has also appeared on stage inLondon in plays including Ola Rotimi's Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again in which, by hisown estimation, he performed brilliantly well and should have been awarded a BAFTA. Leyecomes from a family of writers, the most famous of whom was his grandfather, Oba AdeleyeAdenle I, a former king of Oshogbo in South West Nigeria. Leye's latest novel, The BeautifulSide of the Moon, is an extraordinary adventure in speculative fiction.